Hydraulic Pump (293159)

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Product Description


Type of pump: Gearpump
Number of elements: 1
Type of flange: B
Center distance of mounting holes C1 (mm): 106.5
Total length of pump L1 (mm): 187
Neck diameter D2 (mm): 82.5
Type of shaft: D
Distance from flange to end L2 (mm): 35
Diameter of shaft D3 (mm): 17
Number of splines: 10
Direction of rotation: CLOCKWISE
Position of suction port 1st element, only for pump type T POS-CO1: SIDE
Type of connections suction port1st element, only for pump type T TY-COa TYPE: J
Thread type suction side of 1st element TA-Pa: 3/4 BSP
Flow control valve present: YES
Biggest Thread type valve TA3: M18
Second Thread type valve TA4: M16
Material of the housing: METAL


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